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    斗牛棋牌在线试玩The crowd, exhausted by its previous outburst of emotion, regarded all that followed as insipid, and so diverted[Pg 51] its boredom by eating and drinking. The refreshment sellers of the Plaza walked round between the barriers, throwing up the articles asked for with marvellous dexterity. Oranges flew like golden balls up to the very highest benches, in a straight line from the hands of the seller to that of the buyer, as if drawn by a thread. Bottles of aerated drinks were opened, and the golden wine of Andalusia shone in the glasses.


    The public guessed his intention. He was proceeding to the "descabello," the only thing he could do after such a criminal stroke.


    1."Quite well, thanks. And yours?" enquired the espada automatically from habit.
    2.[93] Word used to express an imaginary dignity.
    3.The nickname made Gallardo remember his history at once. A plucky youngster who stuck in his banderillas in most masterly fashion, he also had been named by the aficionados as "the torero of the future." Unluckily one day in the Plaza in Madrid his right arm had been so badly gored as to make amputation necessary, and he had been rendered useless for further bull-fighting.
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